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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Zhang Junning Shanghai Milk paste Guanzhong son-in-law Sister 3P Takeout

Zhang Junning Last December parted CEO boyfriend Huang Kaiwei, the day before yesterday was blown in Shanghai milk paste new, Guanzhong son-in-law Lin Jie, two people seem to have cohabitation, Zhang Junning through the broker clarified just friends, sister Zhang Yi also jumped out to rescue, the Post said, "That night I also in, How Not pat me?" Correction that is 3 people takeout.

Zhang Junning and Zhao after the break up, the only admitted boyfriend only Huang Kaiwei, but because she long in China filming, two people together less, in December last year broke up, Zhang Junning last year and Lin Jie cooperation environmental protection public Welfare short film "A fish did not turn blue", so wipe out love fire, but because Lin Jie in the past negative news, the news after the exposure of netizens criticized, there are Zhang Junning fan comments "unacceptable."

Guanzhong Although has a pair of children, but the most love daughter Guan Yundi, but 6 years ago, Guan Yundi in Shanghai, died, left at that time only 7 months old daughter Amber, Guanzhong white hair people send black hair, mourning over constant, will be bereaved of the hate to son-in-law Lin Jie, he will write to the daughter of the letter gathered in a book, even in the books accused him is "murderer", "how cruel", nasal acid.


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