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Saturday, 22 July 2017

最佳的一擊 第15集 The Best Hit Ep 15 ENG SUB

最佳的一擊 第15集 The Best Hit Ep 15 ENG SUB
"Best Shot" (alias: Best Family, Korean: Shing, English: Hit, the top), for the South Korean KBS in the June 2, 2017 broadcast of the Gold series, starring in Yunshi, Li Shirong, Kim Yong, Yinsun and Chice, "making people" Xu Shuxian project, "High Kick series", "to Beautiful You", "Potato star 2013qr3" Li Yingzhe writer Pen, "Two days and one night" Liu Town PD and actor Chice directed, For its first directed TV series [$number], the plot mainly describes love and life issues and youth stories. Screenwriter: Li Yingzhe Director: Liu Hao/Chice Starring: Yunshi/Li Shirong/Kim Yong/Chice/Yinsun.


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