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Sunday, 23 July 2017

"Chinese Medicine teaches you" to understand 3 factors affecting skin color

Most Oriental people prefer fair complexion, so-called "one white and three ugly", and skin white and smooth has always been the goal of many women to pursue. In addition to the natural dark, from the perspective of Traditional Chinese medicine, color is not bright white often represents poor health, Viscera qi and blood imbalance and physique, in Sub-health state performance. Therefore, whitening should not only pay attention to local skin care, but also emphasize internal governance.

Cathy asked: Dr. Tam Hello, I found that my skin color is getting worse recently, the skin has always been a good, although not very white, but also not like the dark yellow, suddenly seem old 10 years, with a lot of whitening products have no obvious effect, what is the matter? After detailed diagnosis, I answer:

We often say that whitening is to improve the skin color of the face, so that the skin white and bright. White complexion is an important symbol of skin health and beauty. Because the human skin color innate difference, so single from the color is difficult to judge the skin is healthy, must combine other cases of skin, comprehensive reference. TCM theory holds that the ideal color of facial skin is the color of white jade, white in the red, or red and yellow faint, white clear run, good transparency. Pale skin, chlorosis skin, dark skin and dark red skin are unhealthy abnormal complexion.

Cathy asked: If so, what are the causes of skin abnormalities? I answer: From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the factors affecting skin color are as follows: 1. Deficiency of Qi and blood

The heart of the main blood, manifested in the outside is the face, and facial skin color depends on the nourishing blood. If the Qi-deficiency blood is less, then qi and blood can not be on the surface, pale white without luster, qi and blood is sluggish, gas not to, then the blood is not, so the facial vein blood little and pale. Due to congenital genetic insufficiency, physical fitness is not strong, or dietary intolerance, malnutrition, or thinking too much, dark consumption of qi and blood, or disease after the body, loss due to conditioning.

2. Qi deficiency of spleen and stomach

The spleen and stomach are the viscera of the food and the Water Valley. If the spleen and stomach is weak, the water Valley subtle (nutrient material) generation is insufficient, the body loses nourishment, complexion will pale white without luster and chlorosis; Spleen health transport function drops, water wet stay inside the body, overflow skin can make noodles yellow vain. Due to hunger and disorder, or Laojuan excessive, or a prolonged illness and spleen and stomach, leading to the spleen and stomach qi deficiency, appear abnormal complexion. 3. Insufficient kidney gas

Kidney is congenital, kidney yang-deficiency, the body of water and cold can not be heating, blood loss of warm, then appear black and dim; Kidney essence long consumption, yin Huo Wang, fire burning Yin Liquid, the body loses nourishment, then the noodles black withered. Due to congenital deficiency, kidney essence insufficiency, or old kidney, or a prolonged illness injury of the kidneys, or overwork, kidney essence Shang, eventually lead to kidney deficiency can not warm moistening facial skin.

Cathy continued: So, my skin is yellow because of the function of the spleen and stomach problems, no wonder I now have a bad appetite, gut is very sensitive, can I ask if there is any good way to introduce? What kind of soup do you usually have? I answer:

Traditional Chinese Medicine whitening pay attention to slow tune, by adjusting the body environment to improve the texture of the skin, you can try the following methods:


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