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Sunday, 23 July 2017

From teenage transsexual girl Ghost Wu Yingjie by yoga to build a good figure

The ghosts of the past Wu Yingjie because of a little baby fat, always bring people sweet and lovely feeling, last year in Korea, the appearance of sexy mature, so many people see her change, the face of the baby is less fat, the lines become exquisite, she also revealed that, with the fitness and yoga, let the body has changed.

In the Ghost's face book, often see her diligent practice air yoga, she said: "Air yoga is actually a bit like hanging steel wire feeling, can let a person metabolism faster, let the body cycle become very good." "Because air yoga can help extend the core muscle group, and in the long run not only the lines become good-looking, the muscles are strong, the strength is better, it is very suitable for girls."

Nike NTC app can also have professional yoga at home

For the average person, in addition to practicing air yoga, Nike can launch a new yoga training program in the NTC app. The training is not restricted by the venue, ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. In order to get a better sporting experience, you can choose the appropriate training based on your schedule and schedule, whether you're a beginner or Gao Jieda, or you're just doing yoga as a supplement to running or other training. Just take advantage of the app's new Yoga training program, at home can also easily let professional yoga teachers teach you yoga exercise, not only can help to exercise after the sculpture body muscles, but also to eliminate toxins in the body, and then through the dialogue between yoga and the body, let you build a healthy and bodybuilding figure.


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