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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hot, snowy vs Nan vs Jing Li: What's the best apple hip?

Have you heard of "apple hip"? Now South Korean girls are no longer the pursuit of thin thin, but want to have the perfect S curve, and "Apple Butt" is the most attention to the body parts, is like Apple's beautiful butt-butt, with a butt-shaped body no matter what kind of clothes, will look very beautiful.

So 3 of the medal are known to have the most beautiful Apple hip~

AoA Snow Dazzle: AoA signboard members, to charming "back" dominate the entire music world, known as "Back Killer", stature, tall pick she also has enviable butt ~

Apink Sun Nan: As the spokesperson for the jeans she has no snow-dazzle figure ratio and prohibit the butt, Korean girls in the eyes of the jeans spokesperson No. ~


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