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Thursday, 27 July 2017

More imposing than the heroine! Krystal in "Haber's bride" outfit is amazing.

Recently hit the Korean drama "Haber Bride" by Nan Juhe, Shen as the first male and female protagonist, the narration accidentally falls in the Earth's Haber and human love story, in which plays the shortage Goddess's Krystal, hides the true identity with the actress lives in the world, the scene strong atmosphere field almost presses the heroine, the body clothing looks as if the fashion show, has many brands to embrace the upper body.

Krystal in "The Bride of Haber" bold try many modelling, debut with a hit nearly NT 180,000 Gucci treasure Blue dress appearance, exaggerated lotus leaf design with Roger Vivier pointed high heels, also dumped the male protagonist a slap, the momentum erupted, this brand is a lot of female star Love Card, Lin Heart as when married also through.

As shortage goddess of course need a few sets of white dress, Krystal in Song Hye-Kyo, choi all love the Korean brand bride and you through skin white gauze dress, their home wedding dress in South Korea is more popular, and perfect foil Krystal temperament Jillstuart cutting shoulder long dress, fantasy and romantic.

Krystal Play the role of the cool actress, tight dress of course, choose to represent the young fashion culture of Scottish designer Christopher Kane flat-mouth spelling dress and Roger Vivier Silver High heels, the S curve is exposed.

The gorgeous style uses the South Korean upscale dint deep purple high waist long skirt, and has been when the model later transforms into the designer's Gabriela Hearst fine shoulder skirt, each set surpasses the NT $30,000.


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