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Thursday, 27 July 2017

The heroine of the Korean drama all wore Jin Zhihuan

The recently-completed "three-stream Road", "strange partner" and the newly-aired "Haber Bride" respectively by Jin Zhihuan, Nanzhi, Shen starring, three theme is not the same, the heroine has to wear a suit jacket, presumably will set off a dazzling wind, let small edit to help you organize how to wear the vehemence of the heroine!

Pink, powder blue These accord with the color of spring and summer, "the road of three flows" Jin Zhihuan most often wears the entire suit, uses the pink color to highlight the character's lively individuality, also lets Jin Zhihuan's visual age greatly reduces. When wearing a heavier color, as long as the accessory pattern T, the sense of distance disappears immediately.

Romantic love comedy with Chichangxu co-star, "Strange Partner", Nanzhi in the play as a lawyer, using lace, satin, lotus leaf edge of these feminine elements as an inside, formal modeling and with a little playful, very suitable as a girl to wear a reference to work, master these strokes will not be afraid to go out of doors do not know what to wear!


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