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Friday, 21 July 2017

The "lower body uncomfortable" King Kashin prenatal 5 days to catch Bauff affair!

Yi Lin Female model Zhou Jiachin beautiful, there is "King Kashin" said, 3 years ago Although participating in the "Bright Star 3" competition, still be brokerage company phase signed, did not expect later found pregnant, in the production of 5 days before even learned a three-way message to her husband said "lower body uncomfortable," This only found betrayed, then choose to sue Divorce, now 23-year-old her independent raising son.

According to "one weekly" report, Zhou Jiachin and ex-husband dated 5 years, each other big her 12 years old, after the game and Iraq signed for a while to find a pregnant, but the man dragged to her pregnancy 8 months before registration, recall the idea, she did not have any complaints, because they just want to have a family, "boys to me very good, together have a home very happy." "After the birth in Taichung, the husband stayed in Taipei to work, did not expect a day to receive a woman to say" I have a relationship with your husband, "Let her vision of a better future all collapse.

At that time, Zhou Jiachin received the evidence provided by the other side, the other message to her husband said: "Yesterday, I am not comfortable today." The man went back to "hurt you" and confessed to being married for the next one seconds, but hope to continue to maintain such a relationship, a little discontent was deceived, then to her say everything, and later the husband knelt apology, she looked at the child's future want to forgive, but found that the man and the small family still, only decided to divorce, "Let me dumbfounded is they have sex in Valentine's Day! 」

In November 2016, Zhou Jiachin in court to obtain custody of the son, even if the man is not willing to turn back, even if so she does not choose to hate each other, "blame their own decline, to find ways to adjust to the child full of love." "You don't want to talk about feelings for a short time, but you want a normal family because of your growing environment," he said. And she came back to work, recently also actively boarded various variety shows, more in the "Model star mission" in the image to play ugly, hoping to break out a day in the show.


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