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Sunday, 23 July 2017

The preview of the return of the world is a self-explosion, "school 2017" is very embarrassing

South Korea's new Jin medal Gu9udan's 9 Girls Xi Zheng, beauty, Na, Hana, Meimei, Haibin, Sally, Soyee and Hui Yan, earlier Qi Qi came to Hong Kong to participate in the 2017 Hong Kong Korean Trade Fair (Kbee), and Hong Kong's dear friends (Gu9udan fans) close contact. I believe that one of the most dear friends concerns is whether the Gu9udan will comeback back to the Kpop community. Gu9udan in accepting "HK01" visit, revealed comeback's return plan!

Gu9udan the end of March this year with "A Girl Like Me" to return to the Kpop community, in the end will be comeback again this year? Captain Hana revealed: "The Xi Zheng starring" school 2017 "is now broadcast, and we Gu9udan members are also working hard to practice and prepare, hope that the second half will have the opportunity to launch the album. "dear friends must be waiting well!

Referred to by "Produce 101" to I. O. I, to now Gu9udan is also popular king of the World, the first bear is performing a Korean drama "School 2017", the world is excited to share shooting interesting: "The first time we were in school, we were very embarrassed." There are a lot of people on the scene, everyone is very fine to say hello! But as the filming continued, everyone became increasingly noisy and talked more and more, really feel like students! "The world is more described, the first time in the classroom shooting" school 2017 "of the field mouth, and now shooting the play, the atmosphere is absolutely different! "Everyone has become more active, like back when the student's age, really very interesting!" 」

Among the 9 members of Gu9udan, Sally is the only Chinese member, and it is never easy to go to Korea alone! Sally that: "Just go, with the members are not familiar, feel a little unaccustomed, very homesick!" Fortunately, slowly with members of the acquaintance, they feel very care for me, but also understand that I will miss home, often let me, so now get along well with them. If I have time, I will go home. "I believe Sally has adapted to living in South Korea, adapt to Gu9udan teammates together, dear friends can rest assured."

In addition to Sally from Shenzhen, in Kpop's circle There are many idols from the mainland, Hong Kong, and it is known that Sally and soon comeback, from Hong Kong CLC members Elkie Zhuang ingots are friends, but also go shopping together. To mention a friend, Sally says: "Very familiar with Elkie, because if you meet in the performance, the Chinese members will speak together." If you're in touch, because we don't have a cell phone! So it's a little difficult to get in touch. For example, we go to a local performance, everyone is in the words together to chat. It's a good relationship. "sally and Elkie Both speak Chinese, the same gas natural easy communication, no wonder will become good friends!

In fact, Gu9udan nine girls are very lively and love to laugh, want to know what happened to them in the interview, you should pay attention to the next interview PostScript!


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