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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Top 10 cities with the best sex in the world

We already know that sex is going to be good wherever you go if it is with the right person. But we can not jugárnosla and bet on insurance. Why not travel this year to the destination that not only ensures good gastronomy and cultural tourism, but also ensures good sex? The portal Lazeeva has done its research and has left us the ranking of the 10 cities with greater sexual satisfaction.

This study on which cities are better for sex are based on a term to be justified: "sexually positive". It is not because of the cities where to find better sex, but rather those cities where ' the sex ' that they have is lived and feels in a more positive, tolerant and open way. And that, in the end, is what deshinibe us and allows us to enjoy our sexuality in a full way-and in the end it does not matter if it is next to home or another continent.

In an era where the world is within our reach, betting on looking for our next destination depending on its people, its positivity and its desire to have free, tolerant and open sex, is one more way to make and know cultures or not? Among other things, apart from this term of "sexually positive", have been had in many other components to be able to do the ranking. The research has included the level of libido of its population, the amount of pornography they consume, their access to anti-birth methods and how they tolerate and manifest themselves in front of the LGTQ community. This has been the final ranking:

Paris Rio de Janeiro London LOS Angeles Berlin New York Sao Paulo Las Vegas Ibiza Amsterdam

Although we are surprised it has been the city of Love-Paris-which has led this ranking, for several reasons: it is one of the cities where more is experienced in the sexual field together with Rio de Janeiro and London-which also have turned out to be cities with a high interest to novelty-are the three places that more and better tolerate the LGBTQ community.

But where are Barcelona or Madrid? The city was in a twelfth place while Madrid was in the number twenty. It is not bad taking into account the number of cities and countries that are on the Earth's Globe. But we believe that sex is not so far, at least good sex, if you live as you like.


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