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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

秦時麗人明月心 第13集 The Kings Woman Ep 13

秦時麗人明月心 第13集 The Kings Woman Ep 13

"Qin Beauty Moon Heart" (English: The King ' s Woman, used the name "Li Jishun", the 2017 Chinese costume drama, adapted from the writer Wen Shiren's legacy "Qin when the Moon before the biography", narrated Gongsunli and win politics, Jing Ke, Hansheng four people palace and the plot and the story of Love.

Gongsunli from childhood and two brother followed Grandpa Martial arts, encounter young win political bullying will be rescued, win government to this young girl obsession. Warring States chaos, Gongsunli and two seniors love, two people because of the war left home, each other. ...


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