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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

他們在畢業的前一天爆炸2 第1集 Days We Stared at the Sun II Ep 1

他們在畢業的前一天爆炸2 第1集 Days We Stared at the Sun II Ep 1
After 2 years of Shenqian, brewing, public view Admiralty mini Series classic "They are graduating the day before the explosion ⅱ"135 seconds long version of the notice, this Sunday (30th) 9:43 in the public video channel and the official fans of the show worldwide premiere. Today, first wave stills, Wang Dingyu farewell to the first "small sun din", as a foot into the adult world Wenqing singer, Hu Jian and the "explosion" of "Hongzai" to become law students, the play will be July 29 Saturday evening Nine O'Clock Public video channel premiere.

After the fourth episode of "Psychic Girls" in Sunday (23rd), at 9:43, public Video Road and the official fan group, which exploded the day before their graduation, released the latest news, broadcast 135 seconds The first review short film "When Youth Go Away", the notice "they are graduating the day before the explosion ⅱ" will broadcast, immediately caused a powerful wash version effect, 5 days to reach nearly million people, nearly 400,000 people read and the number is increasing. "

Fans message, there are new fans asked old friends: "You are very God of the Taiwan Opera, is this the A?" "Someone back:" See notice, almost tears fell down!!!!! " And fans: "2010─2017 the world is no end. After all these years, I will occasionally think of this play, what kind of adult have I become? Not the kind I hate most? Help me remember the way I haven't broken! 」

Hu Jian and also on the program official fan group Pro back: "2010, a long time, when filming the Sun every day super big, super hot. "Wang Dingyu also kissed back:" Incredibly have pleasantly surprised! "Attracted fans to respond:" At the end of the explosion crying scene, I also followed you to cry all night. 」

Hu Jian and the "Hongzai" (Hong Yi), who exploded in "the day before their graduation", had been completely disillusioned by the adult world, taking the TV Admiralty Award "mini series/TV and film Supporting actor Award", with great splendor.

Hu Jian said that early "explosion" of "Hongzai" is in the adult paved track to survive, "the idea is very simple, very recognizable, is now the young people lack." "7 years later," They ⅱ"the day before the graduation, he changed from the father's surname," Cai Cheng Yi "Still retain this trait," as very simple, but, life more than hope, but also increasingly understand what they want to do. 」

Hu Jian said that in the performance "they were before graduation the day before the explosion ⅱ", had expected himself in this performance "back to the original point, to find the original intention of filming", the most people in the way to perform, he was very happy to do, the role of his life has changed, "more know how to let go to see heavy things."

Wang Dingyu in "the day before they graduated" the din is passionate, full of dreams, carefree high school students, has been accompanied by the boyfriend Chen Haoyuan (Huangyuan adorn) side, "Not broken"; 7 years later, "They were on the day before graduation. ⅱ" Din finally a round dream to become Wenqing singer, but also through the social impact and frustration, and her constant is the only insistence is "forever hope."

Wang Dingyu also said that over the past 7 years, the students who have challenged the Hebrew of "warming up" in the "first-class" and "radiant time" have read the history department of Tan Wenli, as well as the film "Window Life" was Durres raped betel nuts, etc., but, "they were in the day before the graduation explosion" in the din in their hearts has always been an important position, she also has been upholding the din faith "must believe in themselves!" "To walk in showbiz.


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