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Thursday, 31 August 2017

那年花開月正圓 第2集 Nothing Gold Can Stay Ep 2

那年花開月正圓 第2集 Nothing Gold Can Stay Ep 2

That year the flowers are round (English: Nothing Gold Can Stay) is a Chinese TV show in 2017. "That year spent on the moon is Round" is Hei directed by the chronology of the drama, the Jingyang County in Shaanxi province Wubao Wu family history as the background, narrated the late Qing Dynasty from the folk Shaanxi women richest man Zhou ups and downs of life story. 1884, Zhou followed his adoptive father Zhou old four to Guanzhong, lost money of the week old four will Zhou sold to Shen. Zhou fled to hide into the Wu Jiaodong Courtyard Master Wu hired car, quite business-minded Zhou got Wu Weiwen recognition, was allowed to stay in Wu home. Shen Xing Move suspicion Shenjia gentleman was Wu hired assassination, ...


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