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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

浪花一朵朵 第33集 My Mr Mermaid Ep 33

浪花一朵朵 第33集 My Mr Mermaid Ep 33

"Spray a blossoming" is based on wine small seven of the same novel adaptation of Modern youth inspirational drama, the play tells the swimming male God and rookie reporter's blood comedy love Story. The undergraduate swimming league is about to begin, the South Body Big contestant Chirui (Huang Sang adorn) and the Northern Body Big contestant Ouyang (Pang Chen Adorn) carries on the peak duel.

At this moment, the South's big player Tang Yibai (Xing adorn) after three years of dormancy, also will be in this league back to the arena. Friends Chiri and teammates, coaches to him pinned high hopes, and Tang Yibai also full struggle to pursue their dreams. Just before the contest, Tang Bai met the Intern reporter Cloud (Tan Song adorn).

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