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Thursday, 31 August 2017

進擊吧 閃電 第7集 Lightning Ep 7

進擊吧 閃電 第7集 Lightning Ep 7

"Advance bar, Lightning" is Zhang Xiahong directed the youth inspirational idol drama, the play tells a group of young men and women love fencing, through the bumpy beyond the self, standing on the stage of the world finally for the country's inspirational story of glory. Leng originally for the boxing Circle Rising Star, but in the Zhaoyong after meeting the family of fencing, changed the direction of life. In order to achieve the dream of fencing, the two joined the fencing strong School of Vibration Yu College. At first, the Novice's peak and the Yong were at the bottom of the line. In order to get the Lord's affirmation, ...


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