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Friday, 25 August 2017

A Leonardo Gossip Girl with a boyish face and a hot body

A Leonardo Gossip Girl with a boyish face and a hot body

"Model Collection Control" Leonardo roster. According to foreign media reports, our Golden Ball award-winning girlfriend, is small his 19-year-old, only 23-year-old German model Lorena Rae.

Although a friend claiming to be Leonardo, said the two people did not contact, but since May this year Leonardo and Danish female model Nina Agdal break up, Leonardo as long as out of vacation, almost all Lorena Rae figure. Recently the two people were more frequently witnessed a meal in New York, riding a bicycle, so that the outside world is still interested in the model.

Lorena Rae has a childish face, healthy wheat skin and uneven shape of the body, in the middle, light brown gold straight hair is her sign. She prefers minimalist style, whether it's a bikini, a dress, or a casual dress, almost black, grey or white. Like the same age model, Lorena Rae is also a social-networking person, and Instagram has nearly millions of fans to track.

Although there is no outstanding representative works, but if she and Leonardo exchanges truth, to fashion circle love rely on the network red, star second-generation speculation, Lorena Ra should soon receive many big brands of cooperation invitations.


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