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Saturday, 12 August 2017

A new wave of costume drama is coming! Yang, Dirigeba, Fan Bingbing who is the most immortal?

This is the ancient costume drama to sue a paragraph ~ This also means that the new costume drama is ready to come out! Just small part of today's slide mobile phone, found an interesting topic, that is ~ The recent audience of the Queen is just in the costume drama, we think which one of the most immortal shape? So the small part of the series to help you to the whole!

"Queen of Fu" Yang Power

The play has not fixed makeup time has been on the network caused a stir ~ may be with the end of the "Sansen", we all want to know what the white light aunt after the play! By the novel adaptation of "Fu Queen", and Ethan Cooperation, tells Fu to solve the ancient five heavy seals, embark on the road of Wuzhou Adventure, in this process with long Sun Wuji acquaintance love legendary experience. Look at this domineering arrogant shape, should be fascinated with a lot of fans.

"Li Jishun" Dirigeba

Dilly Hot Bar can be said to be the hottest actress of the bar ~ since the "Sansen" after the broadcast, Xiao Bian around friends are falling in love with her, we do not have to worry about seeing her, because she is about to meet with us, with Zhang Binbin This pair of CP file cooperation, the play adapted from the writer Wen Shiren "Qin when the Moon before the biography", narrated Gongsunli and win politics, Jing Ke, Hansheng four people palace and the plot and love story. Let's see, this dress is on our fat Flute body ~ How beautiful!

"Win the World" Fan Bingbing

By "Wumei Legends" original squad built the ancient costume legendary drama "Win the World" Come (God ~ This sentence is good to burn), the drama tells the legendary story of the Qing Dynasty widow, with the frail woman's body step by step into the Upper Qin, the ultimate achievement legendary life. Look at this body of white set, small plait are not clear whether the face in the fairy, or in the fairy.

"Zhu Xian Yunmeng chuan" Zheng Shuang

"The Fairy Hand Tour" finally revealed in the recent set! Zhengshuang for "Yunmeng Sichuan" new plot Yunmeng central Sichuan deductive heroine Linglong, don't look at the shape is very fairy, the role is a domineering female personality Oh!


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