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Friday, 18 August 2017

Interview/Hu Yuwei nod: Want to cooperate Chen Tingni "We tacit understanding good ❤"

Interview/Hu Yuwei nod: Want to cooperate Chen Tingni "We tacit understanding good ❤"

Singer Hu Yuwei released the latest EP "Do Not Disturb please don't disturb", new song MV to find the past screen partner Chen Tingni together, the topic is full. Hu Yuwei recently accepted "Etnews Entertainment Starlight Cloud" interview, also revealed "as long as there are production units to find, there must be a chance to cooperate." 」

Just over 35 years old Hu Yuwei, Birthday day choice and fans to spend together, and birthday, although empty, but not particularly to celebrate, he joked: "The feeling has been half a life, because the average boy also only live to 70 years old." "Work Pace Hu Yuwei also choose to slow down, do not rush a year must shoot how many plays, he also said:" Sometimes consider a sideline, maybe to put a small vendor, sell things, should also have a stable income. 」

In the past, the Hu Yuwei in the drama, "True Love" series received praise, and Chen Tingni's pairing is more impressive, but in fact, when the drama was first launched, Hu Yuwei also suffered criticism. Because at that time Chen Tingni and Tai wins "True Love Trouble" program success, when Chen Tingni to match Hu Yuwei, many fans also captured fan group protest, but later with the drama hit, this pair of "Winnie cp" also won the hearts of the audience. "

Hu Yuwei's main song "Please do Not disturb our love" to find Chen Tingni cooperation, two people in the play nasal, touch the face, intimate move full, mv One out of the fan-like, now 1 months has broken fast 300,000 point reading rate, Hu Yuwei also happy to say: "This time and cooperation, get everyone's praise, and our tacit understanding is still in, is also a good thing." 」

Looking back at the first time and Chen Tingni cooperation, in fact, Hu Yuwei is also trembling, he said: At that time, the first play, "True love while Now" did not think too much, but the chief thought very well, plus we tacit understanding also good, later to "true love black and White match", originally thought the audience will be greasy, the result is not greasy, until now the heat is still in. 」

"Winnie cp" three degrees of cooperation to shoot new songs mv, evoke the collective memories of fans, many people knock Bowl to cooperate again, plus two people stark gossip never stopped, Hu Yuwei is generous said: "If someone is looking for the words of course OK, not afraid of the audience will be greasy, because there has been a movie red, the same card division again, as long as the theme is fresh don't repeat, I personally absolutely OK!" 」

After the end of the album, Hu Yuwei will be involved in the drama shoot, but it is not sure whether it is filmed in Taiwan or mainland China. The 35-year-old Hu Yuwei, who has not launched his theatrical work for nearly 2 years, has chosen to slow down his work, concentrate on his promotional albums, and then concentrate on filming, hoping to make more people see his intentions.


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