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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Japan's new generation advertising female Wang Guanghu Bell offered "sound"

Japan's new generation of female star wide bell popularity soared, a sweet smile not only made her become The advertiser's brand, according to Japanese media research company "nihon monitor" announced the first half of the "2017 TV advertising list", of which the female entertainer part, by the 19-year-old young star Plaza Kiyotaka Shang to 14 brands of the brand overwhelming predecessors, become a new generation of advertising queen.

Not only in the advertising industry has been favored, from the model to the performers of outstanding performance is obvious. Recently more Japanese film makers "The" "Dong" launched the annual animation masterpiece "Fireworks" to offer sound. Play in the heroine's popular male star, Naoto Tian Hui said, "The voice of the wide ring really will be breathless, frankly speaking, I think as long as the boys will produce reverie!" 」


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