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Friday, 11 August 2017

Liu Poems and his kissing drama husband Wu in the film Field active avoidance

According to Taiwan media reports, by Chen Weixian and Liu Shishi starring "Drunk Linglong" after the launch of Good Word-of-mouth, Chen Weixian and Liu Shishi in the drama Love Strong, the play outside Liu Shishi as a happy wife, in the "Drunk Linglong" shooting scene more husband Wu Love, but interestingly, in Liu Poetry and Chen Weixian a kiss scene filming, Wu automatically disappear in the field, let Chen Weixian straight exhaled sigh: "can be assured to play." ”

Liu Shishi in "Drunk Linglong" play the Witch, fell in love with the Prince Chen Weixian, two people are more netizens sealed as "Linglong couple." The play in Taiwan also broke through 1 million hits, the results Bright eyes.

Liu Shishi revealed Wu Although work busy, but she filmed "drunk Linglong" during, Wu or out time to accompany her. was asked and Chen Weixian Kiss play, Liu poem Sweet Smile said: "To shoot to think up there is this play, he (refers to Wu) after the discovery said it doesn't matter you good pat, to the scene will not find him." "And as a hero of the Chen Weixian is lucky at that time Wu not at the scene, he said:" If Longo is not in the presence of poetry, but I am embarrassed, there will be pressure. ”

Chen Weixian and Liu Shishi in the play lovers, was asked if there is a tacit understanding of the problem? Chen Weixian said: "Has been very appreciate poetry poetry, very fortunate to cooperate with him, previously in the activities have touched the face, also already know, so do not worry about the tacit understanding of cooperation."


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