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Friday, 25 August 2017

Not just acting! Xu Yu-Ning's free style can also be a big fan.

Not just acting! Xu Yu-Ning's free style can also be a big fan.

Actress Xu Shanning in "Red Girl 2" challenge the upper body, ready to frighten fans shouted, in the previous few years the movie "Love Seven Designs", "want to fly" in, she from the TV drama actress became the attention of the film star, and then experience the "Red Girl", "Runaway Lie", "witness" and other films baptism, all let colleagues and fans one by one witness her more skillful acting.

In addition to the work of the efforts to break through, the play outside whether the interpretation of fashion beauty clothes run her, wearing a hot skirt standing in the garbage heap beside her, Sohe ran to enjoy the nature of her, said some of the truth of her life to fans show the attitude of true temperament, not by the beautiful appearance and the framework of the burden of the idol tied, and it is not another free style it? Small compiled a few sets of Xu Yu Ning's public wear, perhaps as an actress she did not like the fashion talent, with the unique style of wear, in the daily life or can refer to see:

Neat dress Bright and thin shoulder with a dress attached to the pleated skirt, bringing the avantgarde sweet feeling, Xu Yu Ning tied the fluffy bag Baotou, wearing pointed shoes, both neat and lazy modern.

Just like the small black skirt, the girls ' wardrobe can be prepared a few sets of small white skirt, Xu Shanning body This set although cut simple, decorative lines to increase the shape of interest, can attend formal occasions, but also wear to go shopping vacation.

Publicity new film Activity clothing, Xu Yu Ning put on the flat mouth shoulder tight skirt, khaki tones let sexy even body skirt more texture, want to expose the body and don't want to have no temperament girl can try.

Xu Yu ning often wear pants, whether with a short coat or T-shirt, all for the modelling add a bit of tide flavor. Cutting shoulder tops and jeans slit skirts also let her lulu sexy curves and whims, even if wearing slippers, standing beside the garbage bag as beautiful.

Summer and autumn printing long dress, can elegant romantic, can be elegant unruly, Xu Yu ning with short boots, modelling sandals, looks neat and elegant, also very suitable for her temperament.

Even the goddess, there will be a casual side of the private, to see her go on a trip, a light black dress, also can simply wear a T-shirt to go out. After all, whatever you wear, it's important to be happy and free.


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