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Friday, 11 August 2017

Popular supermodel stole pictures sell T-shirts Kandaljenna and sister accused

Popular supermodel Kandaljenna and sister Keli Janner in the community has a high popularity, since the creation of the fashion brand Kendall + Kylie launched by the product also often set off fans of the rush. But recently the sister Flower has caused some trouble because it is related to the T-shirt produced by Kendall + Kylie.

A series of vintage T-shirts launched by Kendall + Kylie have sparked discussion on the Internet, because the photos printed on these garments have not been legally authorised, they will be the late legendary rap singer 2Pac and the notorious B., Ozzy Osbourne photos and their photos to overlap to create the effect of the shadow, but this is to let the notorious B. I. G. Mother and Ozzy Osbourne's wife jumped out and scolded, although the sisters immediately came out to apologize, but now photographer Michael Miller is more like to sue them to court.

Famous photographer Michael Miller owns 2Pac photo copyright Kendall + Kylie, accusing the sister of "embezzling and mistakenly using at least two photos of Tupac Shakur (2PAC), with irrelevant text and pictures." He intends to ask each other for $150,000 in compensation.

Recently Kandaljenna can be said to be a bad thing, in addition to the T-shirt lawsuit, she spoke of the Lauder Young product line Estée Edit also because of poor sales, in recent days has been suspended trafficking, is expected to end full from the physical stores and online sites to abolish.


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