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Monday, 7 August 2017

Summer wear not only white Korean-American model Xu Cheng Beijing even Black can cool ride

The white dress is cool and is a good choice for summer wear. But if it's only white all summer, it's really boring. Korean apparel brand Chuu's royal model Xu Cheng Beijing, on many occasions to black finish fashionable modelling. But in the summer to wear black, of course, there are some tricks, vision can be refreshing.

Although the Black Sun effect is good, but the most endothermic, visually also easy heavy, sultry, even the black short-sleeved T-shirt is easy to look not angry. So don't want to sunscreen on the black body wrapped tightly, you can pick a few more confident focus on a little dew. Xu Chengjing very often pick vest style, showing the clavicle and one points back, looks lightsome, oneself also compare cool!

If you really do not like the dew back or chest, then use a refreshing bright color of the single product black, maintain the shape of the texture bar! Like Xu Chengjing, add a white hat, bag and other accessories, you can immediately refreshing a lot.


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