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Friday, 1 September 2017

Bathroom passion Love of the extreme 5 play erotic steam let people warm up

Bathroom passion Love of the extreme 5 play erotic steam let people warm up

Hot and humid steam, warm water pouring down, wrapped in two people cling to the hot body temperature, full of erotic fantasies of the bathroom, how can not take the opportunity to fight a good, as for the bathroom love love if only "in the bathroom Inside Love" (the concept of change of location) that can not meet the Cosmo Angel spicy personality, This time you have to redefine what is called the bathroom love love, to play is to play an extreme!

1. Overlapping caress in bathtub

Two people overlap in the bathtub in a romantic bubble bath, you can use the bubble to help him massage the body, teasing his little head, full of bubbles to cover each other's body, when he can't see where your hand to touch the time is very exciting, challenge his pleasure limit, when you think his hardness is ready to enter your body , you can pretend to change seats, sit on his lap, rub his little head with a small bush, but do not go in, absolutely let him out of control roar.

2. Passion Spray in shower

When two of people shower together, the warm spray flushes each other, and when is more passionate than this picture, you can put on the bath milk first, then with slippery body, soft chest give him a super hi Thai bath, let the man enjoy the imperial wait, then you can back to rub his rocket with the fart, invite him to enter, A twitch! By the way, let him twitch while using the water column of the shower to stimulate your little bud, the thrill of double pleasure to make you comfortable to scream.

3. Cross-ride on the toilet

If you are a angels, you must not miss the toilet this perfect love props, let the man sit on the toilet, you can get down first, help him to a warm mouth love as foreplay, while the boyfriend cool to lose, you a reflexive, directly across the man, to a 360-degree rotation crazy, Another crazy deep squat up and down Twitch, the elder sister believes that this time man must completely brain blank, cool to say no words.

4. Cling to the wall

Want to have a reckless crazy to send, the bathroom in a small space hard walls, you must not miss, first from the wild wall of the kiss opened, when he kisses you, you can put your hand down below, first help his small fen to a warm body, until he can't bear to punish you, let him put your foot up, directly put you on, And you can also side of the piston to a deep tongue kiss, up and down two holes to meet.

5. Wash the table side straight bump

I believe you must have fantasized about being held in the bathroom by a man with a hand-washing table, with a handsome knee on your feet. Direct to stand, wild into your secret garden, and when he entered, you can hold him tightly, with your soft breasts touch his hot chest, the feet can put his lower body tightly ring hook, To make each other closer to the lower body, in his side when you twitch with the rhythm of the hand kneading his fart, light thought this picture can not help to let people wet a step Hu tu.

Want to have a fresh sense of the angels, the bathroom love love is definitely a good place to miss, can let two of people's passion to the new limit you can not imagine, but also to meet the man's color fantasy, not to point out this evening to try.


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