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Friday, 1 September 2017

I used to see people afraid Liu Yire trying to move forward "not afraid to blame"

I used to see people afraid Liu Yire trying to move forward "not afraid to blame"

The man with the big eyes, the outsider looks a little aggressive, as if the pair of water eyes have seen through all the secrets of your eyes, wearing makeup mirror looking at the front of the Liu Yire, a kind of ethereal air, coagulation of the whole room of the atmosphere, but she a smile, let frost embarrassment completely melted. The role of "pretty" is like the fate of a beautiful woman, Liu Yire beautiful appearance, also did not escape this robbery, but this time she and director nine knife, joined hands to create a role, to all bear her creation of beauty and evil, she used her own way, performance of our hearts in the "Monster."

About the interview with Liu Yire, selected in the film "Report Teacher!" Weird Freak! One months ago, during this period, she has become a new favorite of all the media, aside from her generous recognition of love no matter, this time in the film bold attempt to perform "monster" is indeed exceptional, watching the release of the film, thought, "she is the top of the wig?" She smiled and said: "I was a long black hair, for this play, I also went to drift three times, then dyed, the original hair has been destroyed." 」

She side of the makeup and chat with us, even in the sticky false eyelashes, also seriously explained to me, it seems that she really like the role "hour is very skin!" I like running a jump, so I am very excited to hear the character. "She paused and said shyly," Maybe I'm weird. "There are easy and beautiful characters to play. But it is a challenge for her to take the role of the Liu Yire that the more unsafe the other people see, the more safe she feels, the more it is possible to infuse all the interpretations.

Recalled the first time to know the role of joy, she smiled happy "director then faltered, said there is a role want me to play, but not the final is to play what, even the monster two words can not speak out, I can not stand to ask the director to say. "We asked, then?" "He said I had a pause for a second, and he thought I might leave, but I screamed right away!" Blast Happy! "She did not leave, excited to follow the director to discuss how to play, so that she did not think about the reasons for decision, in addition to the role, there is the director of his trust, trust brings power, that moment of her very happy, even after so long, in this small room, we can still feel her great joy, she, smile brilliant.


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