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Sunday, 29 October 2017

As long as three key sisters can also have a girl's sense of makeup

When the woman came to a certain age, even if the beginning of the taste of ripe women, always want to find a little youthful breath in their own body, this breath is not to dress up very girly, but to retain their charm, so that makeup can be more young. Jon is a star that is quite adept at refreshing teenage makeup, even the 38-year-old actress, with a 20-year-old actor acting in opposition, has no distance at all, but it is not difficult to feel this way, as long as the following three points, can have a girl's feeling of makeup.

Statute lines are the main cause of aging

When the skin lines begin to become apparent, it is time to start using some anti-aging products to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the skin, especially in order to pay attention. The reason why girls look young is because their smiles are sweet and vibrant, but when you laugh and have a statute, you feel old.

Through the massage to dilute the statute lines

In the normal maintenance of the skin, the use of massage with the essence of the liquid or the help of facial cream, can help to dilute and prevent the emergence of statute lines. In the massage, along the line of law, from the corners of the mouth to the middle finger around the circle to massage, and then four fingers close together, starting from the law, with the outside of the index finger to pull the skin, two of actions repeat 10-15 times can help dilute and prevent the emergence of the statute.

Water tender muscle, show the girl's skin luster

Skin water Tender, looks more young girls feel, so in the maintenance and make-up, the special need to pay attention to moisturizing and control oil, when the skin oil and water balance, the change to reveal the natural luster. It's not too hard to build a sense of water. As long as you remember makeup, the face edge to maintain the fog surface makeup, appropriate in the forehead, apple muscle, nose and chin place to do a moderate lighting and increase the sense of water, such a painting will look young, not skin greasy feeling.


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