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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Show wisdom lazy wear sweater smell shoulder temperament, sexy, lovely route all

"National First Love" show wisdom can be said to be a full range of female stars, singing, dancing, drama, hosting and shooting a large part of the magazine is difficult to not pour her. In addition to the strength of multiple, her personal style is also very hundred change, to incarnation temperament OL, spoiled the selling Meng girl or sexy little woman, she all can be perfect digestion, no wonder popularity high.

Su-ji and Li Zhongji's play "When you Sleep" the performance is very impressive, has been the top four consecutive weeks. As a Korean light jewelry brand Didier Dubot spokesperson of her, the play is naturally with the brand jewelry to create temperament. The brand also took a shot at releasing her latest image. In this group of photos, she wears a Didier Dubot small earrings, bracelet and necklace, wearing a comfortable camel sweater, revealing the side of the shoulders, full of fresh and elegant temperament.

Recently, South Korea set off a "app" "craze, the app contains many lovely bridges or special songs, plus animal maps, filters. Show wisdom also and many female stars such as IU, run e like, love to play this app, upload a number of selling Meng to the mouth of the film, cute appearance to make fans straight call too cute.


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