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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

愛情的溫度 第14集 Temperature of Love Ep 14

The temperature of love.

This is a poisonous TV drama, a long time did not ignite the pursuit of passion, because it will be through the image and voice of the feelings conveyed, always let people heart.

Love is a kind of unscientific, but often want to let people in the scientific way to measure its shade, so as to know how to deal with the right.

However, the most attractive love is that it is difficult to fathom its form, often in that moment of heart, became the beginning of love.

(Photo/photo from the temperature of the Love website)

People in love, because of the hot feelings of each other and difficult to take into account, but when it comes to the "temperature", then how to use the rational way to answer it?

(Fig/Archie Art offers)

"The temperature of Love" is a novel written by the writers of the early writing "good, not answer the phone," the adaptation of works, and the good of the Soup is good, is also the best use of the network code, it is his return to the school after the desire to guard the restaurant.

Not answer the phone is to become the biggest turning point in the play, from the beginning of no phone, there is no way to answer the phone to the last call to stop, each

Figure/Archie Art offers)

Choreographer with staggered time and space to account for the development of the plot, but also let us from each set more to know the current protagonist's feelings, but the most attractive actor is a delicate line of emotion outside the lines, and really conveyed to the audience.

See love plays the most like or the straight ball, can subtract impurities metasomatism feelings, as long as the spark enough, single see the two between the game is enough, this is like watching love drama audience's biggest wish.


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