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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

獵場 第2集 Game of Hunting Ep 2 胡歌 菅韌姿 萬茜 祖峰

"Hunting Ground" is a work-related drama, the play to the urban society as the background, tells the autumn and winter career Dianpei, the sea ups and downs, ten years of butterfly change, become a professional headhunter growth story. Zheng Autumn and winter is a person for the ideals of perseverance, friends old white and the help of Roy's girlfriend, the cause of gradual improvement, do not want to old white sudden death and their cause of a night of frustration, let Zheng Autumn and winter crisis, but Zheng Autumn and winter is not reconciled, assiduous, and in the help of Roy man, peace through the difficulties, ...


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