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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

魔女的法庭 第9集 Witch's Court Ep 9

魔女的法庭 第9集 Witch's Court Ep 9

Zheng Liyuan played a 7-year-old prosecutor in the play, in order to survive in the Public prosecutor's office in his own way. Stills in the atmosphere serious briefing occasions, her face is sometimes serious, sometimes revealing quite confident expression, intriguing plot development.

"Witch's Court" describes why women are known as "vicious witch" prosecutors, and how to survive in the South Korean prosecutor's office, in the workplace of mutual retaliation to what means and methods, to show her so-called Witch's face.

In addition, in the "My daughter Jean April" and "tunnel" in the superb performance of the Yin, stills in the appearance of his suit is very handsome, it seems sensible and gentle eyes, his role setting is also very look forward to. Not only meticulous

And a decisive character, at the same time exudes warm and considerate charm.


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