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Monday, 13 November 2017

Cumulative number of viewers breakthrough 10 million Youku exclusive live double 11 cat evening record arrogance

"2017 days cat Double 11 Carnival Night" officially opened the curtain, Zhang Ziyi, Wu Yifan, Fan Bingbing, Li Yuchun, Lang, Karen Mok, Nicole Kidman, Figo, Farrell Williams, Sharapova, Victoria Angel and other domestic and foreign stars all appearances, The strong star lineup makes the audience in Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center passionate, the whole party climax, the audience cheers. As the party's network exclusive live platform, Youku for online users to bring this dream audio-visual night.

It is reported that the party premiered 13 minutes, live broadcast at the same time to watch the number of breakthrough 2 million, as of the end of the party, Youku online watching the total number of people who broke through 10 million, to achieve impressive record.

Fantasy and technology parallel wonderful program to build audio-visual world "Gluttonous feast"

Use a word to sum up the cat night is "gluttonous" feast, dream-like opening of the star into the scene, people exclaimed that the future of science and technology has arrived, the best singer Jessie J interpretation of the Music "price Tag" high burning to sing, detonated the whole audience. This year, "Cat Night" can Leng half "global Village" invited, the United States, Britain, Germany, Israel, Ireland and other countries have sent a team performance highlights, from the United States Blueman Show, the Irish national treasure Tap dance drama "Big River Dances" and other international features of the highlights of the show repeatedly climax.

Farrell Williams personally fencing lyrics, popular small king Wu Yifan portrait Chorus "Cat Night" theme song "Wish You 11 Happy", Song funny and brainwashing, to show the beauty of cultural blending. Wang Jial, Lin updates and other popular love beans play with the day Cat elf host interactive offer "Cross screen Rob Star ceremony", let the fans shake acid hands. "Star to my home" through mobile phone interactive technology, let Fan Bingbing, Lu Ying Shan A second came to your home, complete and love peas intimate photo dream. More Zhang Ziyi, Li Yuchun, Karen Mok, Lang, Zheng, and other domestic entertainment stars for the cat night platform, bringing wonderful performances.

The final finale is the short film "Gong Shou Dao", "Wind Qingyang" Ma Yun with Donnie Yen, Wu and other Kung Fu superstar debut, and in the evening premiere of nearly 8 minutes of the essence version, will be the whole party to climax. It is reported that in the "Gong Shou Dao" essence version of the line at the same time, will also open "Youku 11 kung Fu season" theme area, the introduction of a special quality repair classic Kungfu film, such as "Drunken 2", "leaf ask 3", "dragon", etc., to the classic salute.

A year since the establishment of the Grand Cultural group, a satisfactory answer has been submitted to the users. Whether it is the ticket to stabilize the market first, or the cool explosion of the series "White chasing the fierce", "strategist League" PA Screen, have highlighted the potential of the great entertainment Unlimited. Cat night Scene, Youku platform high-quality drama integrated team also strong stationed in the field: "Win the World" the creator Fan Bingbing, "Army strategist 2" creator Wuxiubo, Liu Tao, "White Chasing the Fierce" starring Pan Yue Ming, "Mars Research Institute" guests Liouville, Chanfeng, Di, "General in the" starring Sheng and other per capita appearances and audience interaction, the scene shaking baggage, With joy. And from the Super IP "Mars" to come out of the host Di, and the entire network first star loss friends secret material comprehensive "blockbuster up Hi" of the Royal host yellow Jiao also assume the host of the cat night scene.

2 million people at the same time buy buy outside the carnival

In addition to appreciating the scene of the wonderful program, in Youku watching Live netizens also restless. From the hand-speed frenzy of "watching live robbed 100 million red envelopes to win the iphone X" activity, and then to a variety of free lottery, red envelopes, interactive forum climax, welfare issue unprecedented intensity. Youku's netizens are "not a moment to idle down."

With many years of live experience, and high-definition live equipment, mass broadcast bandwidth, all over the city's stable content distribution network, Youku Live live the cat's Night Live "test." In the case of 2 million viewers on-line, it also ensured a good live quality, which proved that Youku is the absolute leading position in the field of large-scale live broadcast.

In addition to live, Youku's innovative gameplay during the 2017-year 11 carnival was impressive. From October 12, 2017 to November 12, the user in the excellent cool complete set of general cards, watching video, scheduled cat Night Live, watching live broadcast and other corresponding actions, have the opportunity to get the day cat double 11 free lottery tickets, participate in the "happy to see cool no single double 11" activities, And will have the opportunity to win a free red envelope up to 4999 yuan.

In addition, Youku around double 11 also does not forget to give users the most real discount benefits. Day Cat Double 11 day, Youku member official day Cat flagship store 50 percent promotions, the day actually pay the highest amount of 7 users, will each get a hammer phone. Youku Official website Also in 10, 11th two days, open 50 percent crazy Rob, buy year card also give 5 double 11 free lottery tickets. Half-price snapping to cool meow big screen members are equally applicable.

As the core engine of Ali Entertainment in the field of Pan, Youku with the help of Ali large cultural resources to achieve their own value promotion, but also let Ali big cultural and recreational ecological synergies further amplified, participate in the whole major cultural and recreational industry upstream and downstream of mutual access and cohesion, group-style combat, mutual cooperation to form a benign follow the bad.

In fact, in the first stage of Ali's major cultural integration to obtain initial success, along with the cool and Ali ecological synergy further in-depth, the future Youku will not only for the big video industry in the second half of the competition to open up more new tracks, but also for the entire big video industry to bring more imagination space.


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