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Monday, 13 November 2017

Once the Dawn love debut 12 year-end first Guoli language album

For the generations of Cantonese-like songs, the older generation of Hong Kong women singers who grew up with them, in addition to Joey, Miriam, Siayanqi, there is an important name-Janice.

From the Reysond excavation, signed Dawn Company, to issue their own records, sweeping the Hong Kong Music of the new award, Janice a step by step to become a well-known female singer. But unfortunately, since the debut of 12 years, she has not found the right opportunity to sing in the hearts of mainland fans a day.

However, the mainland pop music has finally come to this "beautiful sound." In 2015, Janice signed Warner Music after closing the contract with his old club. After a period of patient preparation, she finally launched the first Guoli album "Janice" at the end of October this year.

Not long ago, the Beijing News reporter met her for the first time to publicize Mandarin works. Janice character soft and love to laugh, in the interview, full of all is her successive laughter. However, when leaving the comfort zone that has always been accustomed to, Janice also admits that he will be nervous, "my Mandarin is not very good, so these days thank you for your patience and tolerance." "Before coming to Beijing, Janice had been studying Mandarin intensively in Hong Kong for a long time," I hope to make more visits to the mainland in the future, so that it can not only improve the language level, but also make people understand my inner thoughts. ”

Before entering

Born in a musical family singing "Listen to the Sea" in a bar

In the interview, Janice Encounter to listen to do not understand the problem, will be around the staff consulted. When the staff of the reporter's question "translated" into Cantonese or English, Vilancai suddenly, continue to work hard in Mandarin word answer.

In fact, whether Cantonese or Mandarin, for Janice, it is not her birthright. April 13, 1982, the "Chinese and Korean" hybrid with her twin sister Weshi was born in Hong Kong, their father Joey Vidal is a lounge singer, from Cebu, Philippines. Janice and sister Weshi grew up in the English environment, receiving the father's musical edification. "In fact, the first touch of music, is in the mother's belly." My father is very enthusiastic about music, so our family often can hear him playing music or playing music. ”

Young Janice, so gradually exposed to many different styles of music. "I remember that time when I came to class, I went to the park with my classmates and listened to the songs of Hong Kong singers like Sammi, Sally and so on." In the school, I also have with my sister singing in the school competition George Song, also with my classmate dance. "Since the age of 16, the two sisters of Willand have been singing in the pub with their father," I remember having sung Mei's "Listen to the Sea", and many classical, jazz, and bossa-style oldies. ”

Meet Bole

Reysond unearthed 18-year-old signing Dawn

Referring to the formal experience of entering the music scene, Janice said, to thank Reysond's excavation. "Once, I helped DJ Tommy recorded a song, after being Reysond heard, he found me, said he would like to ask me to help the dawn to sing the sound." Remember the day I was in the studio, a song is almost finished, the dawn is standing there. After hearing him, he immediately said he wanted to sign me. In this way, only 18-year-old Janice became the first singer to sign a music company.

At that time, the dawn has been recognized as one of the four kings of music. With this superstar, Janice said he was really nervous at first, but after getting along with him, he was less nervous. He is a very humorous person. ”

Since Janice has always been accustomed to speak English, so after signing, she also spent five years long dormant period, to learn Cantonese, "before the release of the first album, the company gave me five years to learn Cantonese." So during that time, I was chatting with my colleagues in the company to help people call takeout and cut the newspaper. At that time feel very bored, also once thought oneself can not be able to make an album, very unhappy. But now look back, still very grateful for this period of time to train, because then I have been singing, listening to music, dancing. ”

Finally, April 13, 2005, on the 23 birthday, Janice released the first solo album "Day and Night", officially debut. On November 25 of the same year, my second album, "My Love", was also launched. Two pieces of work once published, Janice that has a different appeal of the voice, a time for the music fans, she began to haunt the Hong Kong Awards ceremony, a number of heavy awards are her income in the bag.

Downstream upstream

The new Grand prize is divided with Dawn.

However, recalling the mentality of the debut, Janice but frankly, he seems to become the music "darling" of their own, the mind process is very complex, "then side field is my first album production, we two do not know this album launch, we will have what kind of response." Fortunately, the final response is very good, this is my very grateful place. However, at that time took a lot of prizes, I do not know how to enjoy (enjoy), because many things happen too fast. ”

Have "eldest brother" "Street lamp Dinner" "Even if the world without fairy tale" and many other representative, Janice has always felt that he is a very lucky person, "the launch of the album is a good time in the music scene, my boss also gave me a lot of good songs at dawn, he accompanied me, give me a lot of good advice, to help me think a lot of special concepts." "Discover her Reysond had written hundreds of works, but in his" THANK You "concert, the final finale of the song is a chorus of stars" even if the world without fairy tales ", his preference for Janice and this song, this shows.

However, deep in the heart, Janice also have their own entanglements, these entanglements from her and the boss Dawn in the music aesthetic differences, "I like to listen to soul music, and he likes to listen to a lot of Korean songs, so he gave me a lot of Han of the singing." But if that song I don't like, I can't tell him. I tried it before, but he didn't listen because he thought I might not know what I was talking about. ”

So, for more and more mature Janice, it is not accepted and not affirmed, once became the trigger of negative emotions, "for a long time, I am not happy, because all things have helped me ready, decided, when I am more and more mature, I want to do some of the music I want to do, give more advice, Also want to share my own mentality, but ... "Mention this, Janice looked a little frustrated and helpless, but she still continued to smile, said," but still very grateful to him, because he helped me choose the song, everyone really like. ”

Start again

Sign up for a new club to join the music program

Janice in life, like quiet, she frankly like simple life, can sing, draw, is a quiet happy day. At the age of 14, Janice once learned to paint in school, but because of the high cost of painting, she once terminated the hobby. Until 56 ago, Janice picked up the paintbrush again. "I like the feeling of controlling everything in painting, I can decide what I want to draw and what color to paint." "Now, this has become a way to Janice another expression of self and stress," because there are so many different people involved in music, but painting really has a special sense of freedom. ”

In 2015, Janice and the old club's ten-year contract expired. When leaving the familiar record company, Janice Worried, confused, and even once thought: I do not want to sing. But luckily, she eventually had a relationship with Warner Music. In the new company, she said her colleagues encouraged her to give more advice, and a new music journey was opening with the launch of the Cantonese and Mandarin albums. For the future, Janice said, not only hope to the Mandarin album to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to hold performances, if there is a suitable opportunity, but also want to go to music variety show to try.

To mention future goals in music, Janice says quality is something more demanding and valued, "I hope every song can take more time to do it, but in Hong Kong, we have limited time in our work, so we try our best." I also hope my performance can do better. "and mention to the view of the popularity, Janice but relieved a smile," than by more people hear me, I hope can move to others, even if only one person. In this way, I feel that I have done a good job. So, if more people like my music is better, but if only one person likes it, I also feel very happy. ”

Q & A

Want to try comedy love a little Struggle better

Beijing News: What are the goals of music in the future? Are there any other areas that you want to try in the showbiz business?

Janice: In music I have a lot of different things I want to try, especially in the Mandarin songs section. My fans say that after listening to my Cantonese and Mandarin albums, I feel that my voice is a little bit different in there and that singing Mandarin songs seems to be getting softer (laughs). I think I've had a lot of satisfaction in the last 12 years, so now I can try more in other places, like acting or writing songs. Because in the aspect of singing, I feel that I have done it well (laughs).

Beijing News: Do you have a particular role to play in acting?

Janice: I especially want to try comedy and love movies. It would be great if you found a character that was completely different from me. But acting and singing are kind of like it, because in fact, I have a lot of songs, I have not experienced the contents of the inside, but I will be in fantasy, this song is how the feelings, I should be how to express it, in this part, should be closer to the feeling of acting.

BEIJING News: What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Janice: Because I am still single, so I like to watch love theme movies (laughter), recently I watched a lot of old movies, like "The Notebook" ("Notebook"), the latest love film I haven't seen much.

Beijing News: What is your ideal other half like? What is the expectation of love?

Janice: I hope to meet a person who has a tacit understanding with me, we two of communication to be very good and smooth, he will accept all my good and bad aspects. This time I am in my song "Imagination Space", also said, we are waiting for love, we can fantasize about what your lover will look like, so you can expect more. I hope my love can be flat, also can be vigorous, yes, I do not like too calm feeling, a little struggle will be better.

Janice says "Janice."


Named "Janice" because this album has a lot of ideas and their own experience, so I think the expression inside can represent a part of me. My colleagues in the company also felt that the simplified character of my name was like a sign, which I thought was very interesting, so I finally named it directly. This album I have a lot of growth and transformation, like the part of love songs, is not completely broken, you can find a lot of hope and positive feeling inside.

"Me or Me"

This song is about saying that even if you lose something important, you are still yourself. For example, even if my voice can not sing at all, I am still me. This message is very important to me.

"Blue Monday"

This is my TIA (Jiavi) Cooperation of a song, when I got this song, I feel like a girl to play together, open party feeling. Two years ago, I was in Beijing on the show with Tia in a lounge, she is very friendly, our life experience also have a lot of similar things. After hearing her work, I also very much appreciate the color of Tia voice, feel very good. So then we found Tia and asked her if she wanted to sing this song with me, and I was grateful that she had agreed. "Blue Monday" is very rhythmic, I less sing this type of song. Many fans have told me after listening that you have to sing some of the same songs, so I should try to do more things in the future, so that the excitement of the concert is a little more, because they used to sing slow songs.


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