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Monday, 13 November 2017

Yang Chihui Jinsun 5 months Golden Horse Red Blanket presided over this wearing

Yang Chihui last March to marry a textile Hongjiaje, and on November 11, The wedding banquet, 1 anniversary of the expiration of today, she happily announced that "success in life", has been pregnant 5 months, but she will preside on 25th red carpet, then bound to wear heel shoes, but also long station work, response to this broker: " Before the pregnancy has been taken to work ", and laughed to say that I am in the old God, will not be particularly directed to the work of changing clothing styling, but the manager pinched the cold sweat, worried that she would often run the toilet.

Yang Chihui today in the Face book Sweet announced good news, and for the child took the nickname "Baby Treasure","11 Month 10th is Mr. Hong's birthday, we celebrate the third year, this year we celebrated in Japan, belong to our family of three happy Journey." Remember last year 2016 I wrote in the card birthday greetings: "Hope that next year will be able to conceive of a lovely baby, then 11.11 will be three people through, so exciting!!! Thank you for the arrival of "Baby Bao", the birthday of Mr. Hong this year.

Broker revealed that the Yang Chihui due to fall next March at the end of the current work conditions all smooth, but also happy to her request: "Prenatal one week before the shutdown", let the broker can not help but laugh shouted: "This mother is too strong." "As for the Jin Mahong blanket dress part, has invited the designer to tailor the gown for her, will slightly decorate the pregnant belly, high heels height part, still takes the modelling collocation as the priority."


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